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Devine Evans Author of The Diary of a Songwriter
Devine Evans

"On August 8, 2014 we ended up meeting at The W Hotel in Hollywood and a few minutes after we sat down she told me a story that would weigh heavy on my heart forever. She was raped! Seeing the pain in her beautiful brown eyes was like torture.                                              All I wanted to do was hug her spirit."

The music industry is just one facet of the entertainment business in which artists usually struggle for success. For most, it is a long road of sacrifice and adversity before dreams are realized. Sadly, female artists often face an additional hardship - sexual misconduct on behalf of their male colleagues. These women can endure verbal and physical abuse, harrassment, and even rape.


Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter aims to shed light on the sexual injustices female artists can encounter while chasing their dream of a career in the music industry. In an effort to empower these women, Sheet Music shares the stories of a variety of female artists' personal experiences as well as general advice on how to cope with, and safeguard themselves against such abuse and injustice.

Devine Evans
Devine Evans

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Devine Evans


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Devine Evans
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